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The Cherry Hill Welcoming Committee welcomes all newcomers to the neighborhood. Since our committee began we have learned that many people coming into our area are too busy with jobs, children, family and all the responsibilities that moving in brings to plan a visit with the welcoming committee. Because of this we would like to offer a new approach to greeting our new neighbors through this website. Hopefully, when a new family becomes a “neighbor,” they will share their email address with Brian Geeting at, our property manager. When information from Cherry Hill is disseminated to our residents, you will see our website address listed along with the news. Please make it a point to find us and get to know what the site has for you.

Presently we are asking our neighbors to share with us any news, or perhaps items for sale or workers they have found to be beneficial to them (lawn people, maintenance people, pet walkers, house sitters). This area of the site is for positive input only and it will be kept up to date and informative. All you have to do is contact any Welcome Committee Member. Please include your name and contact information along with the material you would like to share and we will make sure it is put on the site until you want it removed.

Photos of Cherry Hill are also welcomed. The acreage in our neighborhood is so lovely we would like to share your photos for others to enjoy.

Cherry Hill will strive to have the calendar up to date for meetings, pool openings, garage sales, etc.

Our Photo page is now open and available for you to add your photos. Send your photos to one of the committee members listed below.

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The Cherry Hill Welcome Committee

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