Cherry Hill Residents Comment at Annual Meeting
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At the 2018 annual meeting several residents commented on a few items we can all be mindful of to ensure the quality of life continues in Cherry Hill.

When waking your dog, please be thoughtful of your neighbors and bring along a doggie bag to clean up any mess they may leave.

Please trim/prune any tree branches extending out near sidewalks or streets.

As prescribed in the Covenants, all trash and recycle bins must be concealed and contained within the dwelling unit.

We ask everyone to please do their best to keep their property looking good – remove any weeds, edge the lawn along the sidewalks, trim bushes back from the sidewalks, fresh mulch in the landscaping areas etc. Let’s keep the community looking great; it starts with each homeowner doing what they can to make sure their property looks good.

Thank you for doing your part in maintaining your property. Your efforts go a long way toward Cherry Hill continuing its showcase status within our community.