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Cherry Hill Annual Meeting

The 2017 annual meeting will be held Monday, February 20, starting at 7:00 PM., at the St. Joe Township Fire Department, 6033 Maplecrest Road. Elections of officers and the annual budget were conducted at that meeting. 

The annual budget will be presented an voted on at the meeting

Cherry Hill Board of Directors:

Rick Keefer, Director Office E
Brad Gnagy, Director Office B
Harold Myers, Director Office A
Larry Bienz, Director Office C
Tom Noll, Director Office G  

Offices D and F vacent.

Board of Director's meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month except for a joint November/December meeting which is usually held in early December due to the holidays. Meetings begin at 6:30 PM. If a resident wishes to address the board regarding matters of the association, he or she may do so by submitting a request to the property manager at least one week prior to such meeting. Send requests to:

The approved minutes of the past 12 meetings are available to all Cherry Hill residents. If you are a Cherry Hill resident and do not have a password you may apply for one here.

Access the Minutes of the past 12 Cherry Hill meetings
A password is required to access the minutes

Terms for Director Offices E, F and G expire February 2017
Terms for Director Offices A, B, C and D expire February 2018