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– 8009 Mystic Drive, installation of a back yard wooden privacy fence. Two sections will be six feet tall and two sections will be four feet tall. Each four foot tall section has one standard size gate. The fence will not be painted or stained prior to March 31, 2021. Construction deadline is April 15, 2020, approved February 7, 2020.

– 8009 Mystic Drive, Installation of two sections of temporary metal stake fencing in the back yard, both measuring 38 inches high, one section will be 21 feet in length; the second will be 12 feet in length. Both sections of fence will be black in color. This is a temporary installation permitted until July 11, 2020. Approved October 14, 2019. 

– 8015 Mystic Drive, install an in-ground hot tub in the back yard. Install three, 6 feet wide by 6 feet high panels of Ecostone privacy wall offering privacy in the hot tub area for privacy. Hang one strand of 18 omni directional lights that will hang facing the hot tub on the two east panels of the privacy wall. Install a flagstone walkway from the existing concrete patio in the back yard which will extend to the new hot tub deck. Remove 85 feet of existing wood privacy fence near the rear property line and install a new 85 feet long Ecostone privacy wall. Moving an existing metal fence approximately two feet eastward up to the east property line in the back yard. Install a composite deck in the back yard surrounding the hot tub. The deck will measure 13 feet 5 inches long by 12 feet 3 inches wide. Approved October 10, 2019. On December 27, 2019, a project extension deadline until April 30, 2020, was approved.

– 8506 Sweet Blossom Court, installation of a steel powder coated frame matching the color of the home supporting a heavy fabric awning above the back yard patio. The fabric will have a stripe design with tan, brown and cream colors. The awning will measure ten feet by twelve feet. The awning will be removed in the winter months. Approved September 18, 2019.

– 8415 Cinnabar Court, remove existing back yard patio and replace it with a 22 feet by 20 feet concrete patio. Approved September 30, 2019.

– 8832 Crestfield Court, installation of an in-ground 12 feet by 8 feet swim spa in the back yard not visible from the front street or sidewalk. Planting of various bushes and/or shrubs, none of which are saw grass or vegetables for privacy at the rear of the lot. Approved September 28, 2019.​
– 8726 Brookline Court, placement of a portable Elite brand basketball goal assembly on the west side of the driveway in a specific location as stated in the documentation. Approved August 26, 2019.

– 8021 Mystic Drive, placement of a deck box on the west side of the back yard patio out of view from the front street and sidewalk. The beck box measures 34 inches high by 33 inches wide by 58 inches deep. The deck box is constructed of polypropylene resin, is dark brown in color and weighs 56 pounds. The material is weather and water resistant. The deck box will be used to store pillows and other small related patio items. Approved August 21, 2019.

– 8015 Mystic Drive, Item 1, Installation of overhead omni directional strands of lights surrounding the perimeter of the back yard; Item 2, installation of an above ground back yard hot tub placed on the existing concrete patio; Item 3, landscaping in back yard, adding 12 to 15 assorted plants, none of which can be saw grass or vegetables. Items 1 and 2 are denied and must be removed from the lot within 14 days. Item 3 is approved. Effective, August 17, 2019.

– 9018 Greyhawk Drive, professional installation of one Goalrilla brand basketball goal post assembly, secured in concrete, located closer to the home than the front sidewalk as shown in Attachment A, in the side yard on the west side of the driveway. Approved, August 10, 2019.

– 6911 Bright Oaks Trail, remove old back yard deck and replace it with a 20 foot by 25 foot paver stone patio. Install a 94 inch by 94 inch by 36 inch deep hot tub in the new patio area. Approved July 18, 2019.

– 8530 Quailwest Cove, plant a 6 foot by 8 foot vegetable garden in side yard. Denied June 24, 2019.

– 8708 Greyhawk Drive, re-landscape front, sides and back yard. No reduction of the golf course view will be experienced by neighbors. Completion date: August 20, 2019. Approved June 19, 2019. 

– 8909 Dune Creek Cove, installation of a wood framed children’s playground set and a 14 foot diameter trampoline in the back yard. Approved June 6, 2019.

– 6609 Tralee Court, replace existing back yard deck with a new Trex, grey colored deck including two staircases and build a new 48 inch high white wood picket fence in back yard. Approved May 24, 2019.

– 7031 Mangrove Lane, perform lawn kill, re-seed & straw entire lawn, re-landscape front and back yard flower beds close to home. Completion date: June 22, 2019. Approved May 14, 2019.

– 8515 Killeen Run, remove three dying bushes, plant six hybrid cedar trees in back yard on a restrictive golf course lot with consent from affected neighbors. Approved May 7, 2019.

– 7218 Hawksnext Trail, installation of an in-ground back yard swimming pool measuring 32 feet by 16 feet, 3 feet deep at the shallow end and 7 feet deep at the deepest point, no diving board. Installation of a white vinyl six foot high privacy fence surrounding the back yard, 180 feet of perimeter, approved April 26, 2019. Amended to include limited use of Cherry Hill Common Area Block P to access lot for pool construction. Approved May 8, 2019.

– 8626 Sweet Blossom Court, installation of a satellite dish, no larger than one meter in diameter, mounted on the rear roof, not visible from the front street or sidewalk, approved April 23, 2019.

– 6923 Bright Oaks Trail, replace water damaged wood boards and repaint the front of the home, approved April 22, 2019.

– 8530 Quailwest Cove, installation of a wood framed children’s playground set in back yard, and installation of a brick fire pit in back yard. Approved April 15, 2019. 

– 6832 Palmilla Court, replace sections in kind of broken back yard four feet high wooden fence and posts. New sections will be painted to match existing tan fence. Approved April 11, 2019.

– 8407 Cinnabar Court, installation of a vinyl covered, wood framed  children’s playground set in back yard, approved March 28, 2019. 

- 6802 Bright Oaks Trail, installation of a wood framed children’s playground set in back yard, approved March 12, 2019.

– 8415 Cinnabar Court, installation of a wood framed children’s playground set in back yard and a 21-day permit to place a dumpster in driveway as close as possible to the garage doors, approved February 19, 2019.  

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