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​– 6414 Cherry Hill Parkway, one item: 1. Installation of a 20 foot tall aluminum or stainless steel flagpole located in the front yard, not closer than ten feet from any side lot line and closer in distance to the home than to the front sidewalk. Approved September 16, 2020.

– 6923 Hawksnest Trail, one item: 1. Replace the original roof with a new asphalt shingle roof covering the entire home and garage. All existing shingles and tar paper will be removed and replaced with new tar paper and Malarkey brand dimensional asphalt shingles. The shingles will be gray in color. New drip edging and gutter aprons will be installed and will be black in color. Approved September 9, 2020.

– 6832 Pamilla Court, one item: 1. Replace the original roof with a new asphalt shingle roof covering the entire home with asphalt shingles with the same design and color as the original shingles on the home. Approved August 29, 2020.

– 7007 Mangrove Lane, four items: 1. Removal of the existing lower portion back yard deck and southwest stairway. 2. Construct an in-ground, 40 foot by 20 foot concrete-sided, swimming pool located in the back yard, including a one-meter diving board. 3. Construct a 26 foot long by 18 feet 3.5 inch wide, two-story, attached-to-the-home addition. The ground level floor will be a two-car garage. The second story will be a living area bonus room. 4. Construct a 10 foot by 12 foot second story wooden deck with railings and a stairway behind the bonus room. Approved August 15, 2020.  

– 6917 Bright Oaks Trail, one item: 1. The installation of a Generac, 16,000 watt, Model 7178-0, standby natural gas powered electrical standby generator located in the back yard mounted on a Generac synthetic pad made for this use. A concrete slab is not required. Should the next door neighbors complain of noise from the generator while in operation the property owners will be required to install a noise barrier privacy fence/wall next to the generator to soften the noise level emitted from the unit. When in power mode the noise level emitted from the generator will be 65 decibels. Approved August 1, 2020.

– 8021 Mystic Drive, two items: 1. Remove two barberry bushes and plant three ornamental plum trees in the same area of the back yard; plant one medium or two small arborvitae bushes matching the existing ones; plant two arborvitae bushes next to the birch tree in the front yard. 2. Extend the existing mulch bed in the front yard about 3 feet north toward the back of the property to accommodate both arborvitaes. The project was amended on July 30, 2020: Only two trees will be planted. The first will be in place of the umbrella. The other will be between the two barberry bushes, which will be removed. Based on a professional recommendation choke cherries will be planted instead of ornamental plums. Approved as amended August 1, 2020.

– 6821 Bright Oaks Trail, two items: 1. Replace the original roof with a new asphalt shingle roof covering the entire home. The new shingles will be Heritage Premium brand, the color will be Weathered Wood. 2. Replace original natural wood siding on the front second story of the home with premium natural looking vinyl Double 7 siding. The siding will be Walnut in color. Approved July 25, 2020.

– 6707 Cherry Hill Parkway, six items: 1. Remove existing back yard deck. 2. Construct a back yard five sided three-season room. 3. Construct a back yard deck. 4. Relocate an external water line eleven feet to the north against the side of the new deck. 5. Construct a 32 foot by 16 foot by 4 foot deep in-ground swimming pool in the back yard. 6. Construct a six foot high tan vinyl privacy fence enclosing the back yard swimming pool area. Approved July 20, 2020.

– 8505 Killeen Run, five items: 1. Construction of a 16 foot by 16 foot second floor back yard wooden deck including a four foot wide stairway extending from ground level in the back yard. 2. Remove all railroad tie timbers from the yard. 3. Remove the existing fountain from the back yard. 4. Remove existing brick steps in the back yard and replace them with stone paver steps. 5. Plant grass seed in front yard where brick pavers were removed and all locations where railroad ties were removed. Approved July 17, 2020.

– 7109 Signature Run, one item: Construction of one dormer with an egress window installed in the roof line above the garage in the attic of the home. Approved July 6, 2020.

– 8615 Brookline Court, one item: construct a wooden privacy fence on the south side of the home painted to match the home. Approved June 25, 2020.

– 6414 Cherry Hill Parkway, one item: construct a brick edged terrace containing a flower garden on the south side of the home and re-seed grass on outer area of terrace. Approved June 23, 2020.

​– 8518 Crenshaw Court, three items: 1. Reside two sections of the front of the home with shakes, similar color as present. 2. Replace two sets of shutters on the front of the home, same color as present. 3. Screen in the front porch, and install a front porch screen door. Approved June 18, 2020. 

– 6625 Tralee Court, two items: 1. Construction of a 12 foot by 19 foot kidney shaped stamped concrete patio in the back yard, located adjacent to the existing back yard patio. The concrete patio will be gray, beige, and terra-cotta in color to match the existing concrete patio. 2. Construction of a fire pit built with paver stones located on the circular area of the back yard patio described in Item 1. No dimensions are provided for the fire pit; therefore, the diameter of the burn pit area within the fire pit must not exceed 48 inches in diameter. Approved June 15, 2020.

– 7007 Mangrove Lane, one item: construction of a 30 foot deep by 18 foot, 3 ½ inch wide, two-story home addition, story one (ground level) a two-bay garage, with a two-car overhead garage door facing the street and a one-car overhead garage door facing the golf course. Story two, a family room with an extended ten foot by twelve foot deck with an attached stairway leading to ground level. The application is denied due to being located on a restrictive golf course lot.

– 8526 Crenshaw Court, two items: 1. Removal of the existing back yard wooden stairway from the home which leads four steps down to the existing stamped concrete patio, and replacing it with a four step composite wood stairway the same size. 2. Installation of a stamped concrete patio extension located on the east side of the existing stamped concrete patio. The extension will measure ten feet by twelve feet and will butt up to the existing 12 by 12 feet stamped concrete patio. Approved May 23, 2020.

– 8015 Mystic Drive, seven items: 1. Installation of an in-ground hot tub in the back yard. 2. Installation of four privacy panels around hot tub. 3. Installation of 18 omni directional lights against the inside panels of the privacy panels hung so that no direct light beam is visible from adjacent lots. 4. Install an 8 feet long by 3 feet wide flagstone walkway from the patio to the deck. 5. Remove wooden fence and install an 85 foot long by 6 feet high privacy wall (14 panels) along the rear property line. 6. Move existing 4 foot high by 56 foot long metal fence 24 inches east up to the property line. 7. Install a 17 feet 8 inch by 12 feet 1 inch composite deck in the back yard surrounding the hot tub. Items 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7, approved May 20, 2020. Item 3 denied; homeowner afforded 7 days to re-hang the lights to meet specifications. Item 3 hung to specifications, approved May 27, 2020. Item 6 removed from project. The fence will not be moved. 

– 6821 Bright Oaks Trail, installation of a 20 foot tall aluminum flagpole located in the front yard, not closer than ten feet from any side lot line and closer in distance to the home than to the front street. Approved May 16, 2020.

– 7220 Pleasant Run Court, two items: 1. remove wooden deck in back yard and replace it with a 15 by 20 foot stamped concrete patio. 2. Requirement of the Architectural Control Committee: Since the new patio will have a smaller footprint than the wooden deck being removed, it will be incumbent upon the homeowners to landscape the perimeter of the new concrete patio edging, specifically the exposed area where the old deck was located. This may be done with grass seed, a mulched flower, and/or plant bed, or the use of landscaping stones or rocks. Neither saw grass, nor vegetables can be planted anywhere on the lot. Approved April 30, 2020.

– 8024 Lawton Oaks Court, two items: 1. Replace aging wood deck boards on exiting back yard deck. 2. Stain new deck boards to match back yard fence after the pressure treated decking cures. Approved April 25, 2020.

– 6116 Cherry Hill Parkway, one item: remove an aging three-level wooden terrace in the back yard and build a similar brick, three-level terrace. Approved April 23, 2020.

– 8123 Mystic Drive, four items: 1. Construct a 12-foot circular flagstone and brick patio in the back yard, including a seating wall and a walkway to the existing deck; 2. Construct a fire pit on the new patio not to exceed 48 inches in diameter; 3. Plant three 15 foot tall red maple trees in the back yard along the back of the home; 4. Add a new flower and plant bed with landscaping in the back yard along the fence at the rear of the lot. The landscape area will include rocks, plants and flowers. Saw grass, or vegetables cannot be planted anywhere on the lot. Approved March 27, 2020.

– 8416 Cinnabar Court, eleven items: 1. Replace two overhead sliding garage doors; 2. Replace front external entrance door and side panels; 3. Replace east side walk-through garage door; 4. paint front cedar siding and trim gray; 5. Replace outside lighting and paint front yard light post; 6. Remove existing front yard bushes and replant new; 7. Remove four dying trees in back yard and replant new; 8. Remove existing patio at southwest corner at back of home and replace it with a 16 foot by 14 foot concrete patio; 9. Install a new 23 foot by 10 foot concrete patio with a sidewalk to east side garage door on the east side of the home; 10. Install a new flagpole with flag in back yard approximately 30 feet behind the home; 11. Remove two rooftop skylights facing the back yard and replace them with two shed roof dormers with 16 inch by 48 inch vertically positioned windows. Approved March 26, 2020. Construction completion date November 26, 2020.

– 6518 Cherry Hill Parkway, remove existing back yard deck and construct a new 23 foot by 19 foot wood deck, approved March 20, 2020.

– 8021 Mystic Drive, installation of a 4-panel, six foot high, Ecostone privacy wall extending 24 feet along the west property line in the back yard. The wall will join an existing panel of identical Ecostone wall. Approved March 18, 2020. Construction completion deadline is June 20, 2020. On April 2, 2020 this project was order suspended due to a flooding problem noted by the City of Fort Wayne. On April 17, 2020, following the City's recommendations all flooding issues have been addressed and will be corrected prior to the installation of the privacy wall. Project approved April 17, 2020. Project suspended due to flooding issue, May 24, 2020. Water flow corrected to meet the City of Fort Wayne’s recommendation. Project approved for completion June 2, 2020. Final inspection approved June 18, 2020.

– 8009 Mystic Drive, installation of a back yard wooden privacy fence. Two sections will be six feet tall and two sections will be four feet tall. Each four foot tall section has one standard size gate. The fence will not be painted or stained prior to March 31, 2021. Construction deadline is April 15, 2020, approved February 7, 2020.

– 8009 Mystic Drive, Installation of two sections of temporary metal stake fencing in the back yard, both measuring 38 inches high, one section will be 21 feet in length; the second will be 12 feet in length. Both sections of fence will be black in color. This is a temporary installation permitted until July 11, 2020. Approved October 14, 2019. 

– 8506 Sweet Blossom Court, installation of a steel powder coated frame matching the color of the home supporting a heavy fabric awning above the back yard patio. The fabric will have a stripe design with tan, brown and cream colors. The awning will measure ten feet by twelve feet. The awning will be removed in the winter months. Approved September 18, 2019.

– 8415 Cinnabar Court, remove existing back yard patio and replace it with a 22 feet by 20 feet concrete patio. Approved September 30, 2019.

– 8832 Crestfield Court, installation of an in-ground 12 feet by 8 feet swim spa in the back yard not visible from the front street or sidewalk. Planting of various bushes and/or shrubs, none of which are saw grass or vegetables for privacy at the rear of the lot. Approved September 28, 2019.​

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